United Fall


Supported by Dance Ireland and Dublin City Council

September 2010, Project Theatre, Space Upstairs, Dublin Fringe Festival

Listowel Sydrome Listowel Sydrome

Written and directed by: Emma Martin

Performed by: Noelle Brown, Brendan Conroy, Justine Cooper, Michael Cooney, Geir Hytten, Aoife McAtamney, Liv O'Donoghue

Music & Live performance: Tom Lane & Bryan O'Connell

Light: Stephen Dodd

Design: Jeni Roddy & Sinead Lawlor

Photography: Jonathan Mitchell

Production & Stage Management: Peter Jordan and Eoin Kilkenny


"Listowel Syndrome is an unsettling piece of dance theatre, inspired by the true story of a small town that turns on one of it's own. Written and directed by Emma Martin....the atmospheric desconstructed live score sets the tone for the powerful physical expression of this strange contemporary story of local solidarity and tribal cruelty. Martin's choreography is at once beautiful and brutalist, though the representation of physical violence is neither gratuitous nor sensationalist, and we are more aware of the emotional violence that lies behind this story, which Stepehn Dodd's bleak ashy lighting enhances with visceral effect. There is vigorous conviction in this piece- highly recommended."

(Irish Times, 20/09/2010)